Terms and Conditions

This regulation establishes the terms and conditions for the use of the https://refeel.ro/ site. Any order placed on this site must be in accordance with these Regulations. Any order will be made in accordance with this Regulation and with the applicable legislation in force.


  1. REFEEL NATURAL S.R.L. with Headquarters in Timișoara, JUD. Timiș, 3rd Mercy Florimund Street, hereinafter referred to as the “Supplier”, facilitates the purchase of products or services through the Internet from the address: https://refeel.ro/, hereinafter referred to as the "Store". The administrator of the customer  personal data of the Store is the Supplier.
  2. This Regulation is addressed to all users of the Store, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", and establishes the principles of registration and use of the Store account, the principles of electronic reservation of goods available in the Store (hereinafter referred to as "Product" or " Products ”), for placing orders on the Store website, as well as the principle of concluding contracts for the sale of Products.
  3. Any Customer can access the Regulation at any time, by "clicking" on the "Terms and Conditions" link on the Store's website.
  4. The information about the Products in the Store - among others, descriptions, prices - constitutes an invitation to conclude sales contracts within the meaning of the laws in force, according to the conditions of the present document.
  5. The photos and presentations of the offered Products aim at the presentation of those models of goods concretely indicated by them.
  6. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of Products by the Supplier to the Customer to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions referred to, offered or relied on by the Customer whether in negotiation or at any stage in the dealings between the parties, including any standard or printed terms tendered by the Customer, unless the Customer specifically states in writing, separately from such terms, that it wishes such terms to apply and this has been acknowledged by the Supplier in writing.


  1. The Supplier facilitates the conclusion of contracts for the sale of the Products through the Internet and provides a series of services, as provided in the present Regulation.
  2. The contract for the sale of the Products is concluded between "Customer" and "Supplier".
  3. By using the Store and / or by placing an order, the Customer undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions specified in this document. Before placing an order, the Customer will ensure that he has read and understood this document.
  4. The information provided by the Customer during the order placement must be real, current and accurate. The Supplier reserves the right to refuse the order, if the data provided are not sufficiently accurate and make it impossible to fulfill the order, more precisely, do not allow the proper delivery of the Products. Before refusing to place the order, the Supplier will try to contact the Customer to establish what data is needed to make it possible.
  5. The Store takes all possible technical and administrative measures imposed by certain legal norms, meant to protect the personal data of the Customers and especially to prevent the obtaining and modification by unauthorized persons of the personal data provided during the registration.
  6. The Customer who uses the Store has the following obligations:

a) not to provide and transmit information prohibited by law;

b) to use the Store in a manner that does not disrupt its operation;

c) not to disseminate and not to place incorrect commercial information within the Store;

d) to use the Store in a way that does not create inconveniences for other customers, as well as for the Supplier;

e) to use the information placed in the pages of the Store only for personal purposes.


  1. The Supplier facilitates the placing of orders for Products on the Store's website.
  2. The store accepts orders placed online at any time. The orders are processed on working days between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Orders placed on public holidays will be processed within three working days from the date of placing the order.
  3. The customer can place an order without having to permanently register his personal data in the Store's database (purchases without registration).
  4. The condition of placing the order is the completion of all the requested data in the form, necessary for the shipment and for the generation of the tax invoice or the tax receipt from the system. By completing the order, the Customer agrees that all the data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true on the date of placing the order.
  5. To place an order, the Customer chooses the Products from the Store and confirms the intention by pressing the "Add to Cart" button. If the Customer has a discount code, it cannot be combined with other loyalty programs and partnerships, available in the Store. It is not possible to use multiple discount codes during one transaction.
  6. Until the moment of confirming the selection of the Products through the "Complete order" button, the Customer has the opportunity to make changes to the products in the basket, as well as to the delivery and billing dates. The Customer's confirmation of the order, through the "Send order" button, is equivalent to accepting the obligation to pay for the products and delivery costs (if applicable).
  7. The Customer's confirmation of the order according to point 6 above constitutes the request sent by the Customer to Refeel to conclude the sales contract, according to the content of the order (basket content) and these Regulations.
  8. At the moment of placing the order, according to point 6 above, the Customer receives an "Order confirmation" message regarding the placed order at the e-mail address indicated by him. This e-mail represents the confirmation of receipt by the Store of the purchase request from the Customer.
  9. Immediately after processing the order, the Store will send another informational e-mail related to the processing of the order in which it accepts or declines the order. After receiving this email, the sales contract is considered concluded between the Client and the Supplier.
  10. The customer can cancel the order before receiving the e-mail from the Store regarding the confirmation of the delivery of the order, which represents the confirmation and acceptance of the purchase offer, the cancellation can be done by sending an information to the e-mail address contact@refeel.ro.
  11. The customer can pay for the order with a debit or credit card (online payment) through secure transactions provided by an online payment platform provider.
  12. The store reserves the right to refuse to carry out the order under the sales contract, if:

a) the Customer's contact details are so unclear that they make it impossible to deliver the goods,

b) the transaction was not authorized in the electronic payment system,

c) payment for the order was not made within 2 working days from the date of placing the order,

d) the data provided by the Customer regarding the delivery (address, contact details) are incomplete or incorrect,

e) the Customer's activity on the website may produce and/or produce damages of any nature on the part of the Store and/or its partners.

13. Unless otherwise specified, the prices in the Store are expressed in lei, with VAT and do not include the processing and shipping costs, mentioned at the time of placing the order.

14. In the case of the sale of Products to a legal entity based in Romania, such sale is carried out as part of the intra-Community purchase of goods, while maintaining the obligations of the parties related to this type of delivery in accordance with the applicable legislation.


  1. The Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the order by the courier company approved by the Supplier. The fees for the delivery of the products are indicated in the process of placing the order.
  2. The time provided for delivery to the Customer is 3 working days from the day following the receipt of the email confirming the delivery of the Products. The delivery of the order may be delayed until the amount related to the sales contract is registered in the Store's bank account. During commercial campaigns, due to the large number of orders, product availability and delivery time may be affected.
  3. All orders over 300 lei receive free shipping. Return/exchange costs are borne by the Customer. 
  4. The Customer can refuse a package at the time of delivery if he notices any anomaly regarding the delivery (damage, product missing from the delivery note, damaged package, broken products, etc.); any anomaly must then be indicated by the Customer on the delivery note, in the form of a written note sent to the courier, accompanied by the Customer's signature. To exercise the right of refusal, the Customer must open the damaged or defective package(s) in the presence of the courier and request the return of the damaged package. If the customer does not comply with these instructions, he cannot subsequently denounce his damaged Products.


  1. From the moment the Customer receives the e-mail confirming the delivery of the order, the price of the Products remains unchanged for the entire period of the sales contract, regardless of subsequent price changes in the Store.
  2. The prices of the Products in the Store are displayed in Lei and contain all price components, including VAT, customs duties and taxes, to which are added the delivery charges, calculated at the time of placing the order, if they exist.
  3. The customer will pay the price of the Products ordered by paying with a debit or credit card through the authorized service to pay before delivery;
  4. The lack of payment in the bank account of the Store or transaction intermediary within 2 days of placing the order, will lead to the order cancellation. The processing of the paid order begins after receiving the payment for the Products in the Supplier account.
  5. The Supplier reserves the right to change the price of the Products in the Store, to introduce new Products for sale, to carry out or revoke promotional actions on the Store's web page, to introduce changes in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force, provided that these changes do not infringe the rights of the persons who concluded sales contracts for the Products offered by the Store before the said changes were made or the rights of the persons authorized to use a particular promotion, according to its principles, during its duration.


  1. The products sold are new and original. The Supplier is responsible for physical defects based on the legislation in force. Also, the Supplier respects the legal warranty for the conformity of the Products.
  2. The Supplier will take measures to fully ensure the proper functioning of the Store and undertakes to remove within a reasonable time all the shortcomings reported by the Customers.
  3. Anything purchased from the Store's website can be the subject of a complaint, in compliance with the terms and conditions of complaints established by law, if it has defects that constitute non-compliance with the concluded sales contract.
  4. Complaints can be sent by e-mail to contact@refeel.ro, returning the Product together with the (written) description of the defect and proof of purchase of the Product. The customer will be informed about how to resolve the complaint within 14 days calculated from the day following receipt by the Store of the package returned by the customer with the complained Product.
  5. The Customer can request the return of the Product if:

a) The products have severe damage that makes them non-compliant;

b) The delivered products are different (specifications, quantity, etc.) compared to the order placed;

c) The products have manufacturing defects;

d) The customer has withdrawn from the contract within 14 days from the date he took possession of the Products.

6. The customer has the right to the following claims, according to the legislation in force:

a) to ask to renounce the Contract or ask for a reduction in the price of the Products, if the Supplier does not urgently and without great inconvenience to the Customer replace the defective Product or does not remove the defect

b) to request the replacement of the Product with another one without defects.

7. If the complaint is not accepted by the Supplier, the Product will be returned to the Customer.

8. If the Customer finds damage to the Product during transport, it is recommended that he draw up (in the presence of the courier) a damage report.


  1. The Customer, as defined according to this regulation, has the right to withdraw from the sales contract without indicating the reason, based on the legal provisions and the principles below.
  2. The Customer must mention the product/products for which he wants a return/exchange, specifies whether he wants a return or an exchange, and regarding the order amount return, the value will be transferred to the account of the card with which the Customer made the payment.
  3. The return detail will be sent by e-mail to contact@refeel.ro and is recommended to contain the information below:
  • Order number
  • The email address from which the order was placed
  • Contact phone number
  • Return pickup address
  • Reasons for return.

4. After sending the return form/details, the Customer receives an e-mail that the return request has been accepted, and the Customer is responsible for packing the Products in the original packaging and sending the package to the Supplier by courier. Return shipping costs are borne by the Customer.

5. The Products will be checked, and if all return conditions have been met, the customer receives an email accepting the return request and the refund is made within a maximum of 14 days to the bank account from which the initial order was paid for.

6. The store only returns the amount of money related to the products, not the shipping (if it was paid by the customer at the time of the order).

7. Customers are only responsible for the reduction for the value of the returned Products and are responsible if the product is used (its value is reduced in this case) and the return will not be accepted under these conditions.


  1. The store provides the following services for Customers, electronically:
  2. facilitating online conclusion of sales contracts in the Store, according to these Regulations;
  3. facilitating the opening of Customer accounts in the Store;
  4. transmission of the commercial information ordered, regarding the products.
  5. Complaints regarding the services provided by the Store can be sent to the Store's e-mail address contact@refeel.ro. The Customer's complaint must contain the name of the Customer and a brief description of the process complained of. The store will respond in no more than 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.
  6. The Customer will be notified by e-mail about how the complaint was resolved. Refeel informs that, depending on the settings of the Client's browser, it may insert cookie files into the Client's computer system, which are not a component of the content of the services provided by the Store, but which could allow the subsequent identification of the Client who enters the web page of the Store. Cookies are used by the Store to facilitate the Customer's use of the Store, as well as to monitor the Customer's browsing on the web page. The customer can at any time give up the possibility for the Store to use cookies, through certain settings of his browser.


  1. The content and design of Refeel.ro, including its appearance and the databases accessible through it, are the property of Refeel.ro and are protected by the legislation in force regarding copyright and related rights. In the case of information and content posted by third parties on the Refeel.ro website, the copyright and responsibility for them belong entirely to those who published that information.
  2. The user can copy and print the content of Refeel.ro only for personal use, for non-commercial purposes.
  3. Any use of the Refeel.ro content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document or by the legislation in force is prohibited. Requests to use the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document can be sent to the e-mail address contact@refeel.ro. In the conditions where a certain content found on the Refeel.ro website violates the user's intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, publicity or other personal rights, the user is encouraged to send an e-mail to contact@refeel.ro with infringed rights, to allow Refeel to act in accordance with the legal provisions.
  4. Major force. Refeel.ro, its partners or users cannot be held responsible for any delay or error in the execution of contractual obligations or in the content provided on the Refeel website, resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond the control of Refeel.ro. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: operating errors of Refeel.ro's technical equipment, non-functioning internet connection, non-functioning telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to Refeel.ro systems, operating errors, strike , etc.


  1. The information indicated below is also made available to the user/Customer at the time of collecting his personal data on the Store website.
  2. The operator of the Customer's personal data is the Supplier. It processes the personal data of Store users in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016 ("GDPR").
  3. The contact details of the personal data protection officer are: contact@refeel.ro