CBD Oil 10% for athletic dogs, 10ml

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By Taimani

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Ideal for medium sporting dogs.

Organic coconut oil - Organic hemp seed oil - CBD 10% - 10ml

Taimani SPORT CBD oil, rich in cannabidiol, contains 100% natural oils of plant origin including organic hemp oil (fights inflammation and muscle contractions) and Omega 3/6/9 essential fatty acids. MCT coconut oil allows rapid absorption of active ingredients, and significantly improves the bioavailability of CBD. Recognized for its health benefits, it comes from organic farming.

It is to accelerate and improve the recovery process of your athletic dog that Taimani has designed this hemp oil for dogs, perfect for reducing muscle and inflammatory pain that your pet may feel after an intense sports session.

After having provided many efforts, the muscles get tired and your dog can be subject to cramps, aches and many other muscular pains. So, if the recovery of your athletic dog is your priority, do not hesitate any longer and benefit from the benefits of our hemp oil for dogs .

Whether it's to relieve pain or improve your pet's recovery, choose Taimani SPORT CBD oil.


  • Type of product: Oil with hemp extracts
  • Natural CBD content: 10%.
  • Suitable for: Sporting dogs
  • Number of drops per bottle: 200


Sporting dogs: 2-4 drops once or twice a day

Administered orally (sublingually) or mixed into the food.

You can adjust the number of daily drops according to your dog's needs after the first week of use.

Shake before use.


Organic coconut oil, black seed oil, CBD hemp extract 10%.


Made in France.