Hemp : one plant, 1000 uses, Alexis Chanebau, English Edition

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Summary of the 1000 possible uses of hemp.
An indispensable tool for the economic independence of emerging civilisations and religions, this forgotten raw material can easily be used to produce all sorts of vital quality products: food, biofuels, lighting, heating, paper, textiles, ropes, incense, cosmetics, medicine, etc.

Hemp was probably one of the most widely cultivated plants on our planet until the 1960s. In 1546, François Rabelais even attributed to it the rank of "Queen of plants, generator of progress", writing that "hemp allowed men not only to join across the seas, but also to attempt to climb the skies".
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, the founding fathers of the United States of America, were also convinced of this: Between 1650 and 1850, an American farmer could pay his taxes with what is known today as 'Marijuana'.
This ecological momentum was stopped dead in its tracks and overshadowed by the rise of polluting industries: petrochemicals, wood pulp paper, cotton growing, etc.
Today, with the oil and financial crisis, hemp, because of its exceptional qualities, could finally be recognised as a universal and renewable providential resource, dedicated to mankind.

"Why sacrifice our centuries-old forests, continue the costly exploitation of our minerals, if we can obtain the equivalent with the annual hemp harvest...? "(Henry Ford).