Calming hemp treats for dogs, 50g

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Calming hemp-based treats developed by True Hemp™ to reduce tension by bringing calm and serenity in dogs.


  • Ground hemp leaves and hemp seeds rich in Omega-3
  • Natural soothing green tea, chamomile and lemon balm
  • Cereal-free

Product type : Treats / Kibbles

Weight of the package : 50g

Quantity per container : 22

Suitable for : Dogs


  • < 5kg: 1 treat per day
  • 5 < 10kg: 1-2 treats per day
  • > 10kg: 2-4 treats per day

It is advised not to exceed the recommended usage.


Composition: fresh turkey (37%), fresh chicken (37%), hemp leaf (dried and ground, 5%), psyllium, cellulose, sodium chloride, green tea (dried, 0.5%), chamomile (dried, 0.25%), lemon balm (dried, 0.25%), dried yucca

Analytical constituents: crude protein 24.0%, fat content 23.0%, crude fibre 8.0%, crude ash 8.2%, moisture 28.0%, omega-3 fatty acids - 1.3%, omega-6 fatty acids - 5.6

Additives: technological additives: antioxidants

True Hemp™ products are not pharmaceuticals or medicines. They should not be taken as such. They are complementary foods. They should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet or any medical treatment. We recommend that you consult a veterinarian before giving our products to your pets.

Made in Canada.