Organic hemp lip Balm, Nature, 10ml

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Keep your lips fresh and silky with Kannabio lip balm! 

Natural balm with hemp, highly effective against dryness and chapping.

Soft, tender, stark and refreshing even in the most difficult weather conditions. Harsh summer sun and bitter winter cold are prime enemies of healthy lips. This plant-based balm regenerates and protects your lips against the aggressions caused by the sun, wind, cold and humidity.


Cannabis extract [Cannabis sativa L., Futura 75 variety], marigold extract [Calendula officinalis L.], chickweed extract [Stellaria media L.(Vill)], chamomile extract [Matricaria chamomilla L.], beeswax, hemp essential oil [Cannabis sativa L. Fedora 17 variety], chocolate aroma.

All ingredients are organic certified and hemp ingredients are of our own production. All herb extracts are made with AEONS extra virgin olive oil (2018 harvest, Pteleos, Magnisia, certification - ΒΙΟHELLAS E-198230).

Product development in collaboration with Manoli Mano, BSc / (Hons) Herbal Medicine