Soap with organic hemp, Elegance, 105g

45,00 lei

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Offer your body the freshness, moisture, and rest it needs after a full day.

Feel the creamy foam with the velvety texture and aroma of dark chocolate and experience the absolute relaxation and rejuvenation on your skin.


Cold pressed olive oil (AEONS 2018, cold pressed, Pteleos Magnisia), Hemp Floral Water (Cannabis sativa subsp Futura75), coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, organic hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa subsp Fedora17, cold pressed), cocoa butter, black chocolate flavor, organic lavender essential oil [Levandula angustifolia Mill.] and organic hemp essential oil [Cannabis subsp, Futura 75].

Product development in collaboration with Manoli Mano, BSc/(Hons) Herbal Medicine.


  • Organic Hemp (ΕΚ) 834/2007 BIO HELLAS GR-BIO-03 2019-000000028159/A-199097
  • Organic Olive Oil (ΕΚ) 834/2007 BIO HELLAS GR-BIO-03 E-198230
  • Organic lavender essential oil  (ΕΚ) 834/2007 DIO GR-BIO-01 E24952-3/19

Produced and packaged in Thrace Greece by THRACO IKE - CPNP REF: 3306820