Supreme Booster CBD, 30ml

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Booster CBD 30ml
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Make your own CBD e-liquids with the Marie Jeanne CBD booster. This booster is made in France and available in various concentrations, so that you can create an e-liquid with a CBD dose of your choice.

CBD booster to dilute in a neutral base or in a non-nicotine e-liquid.

Recommended use for a 10ml vial

  • Mix in a container with a syringe.
  • You can refer to the CBD proportions indicated below:
Booster 4000 6000
Flavors  1ml 1ml
100 mg (light) 0,8ml 0,5ml
Base PG 80%/VG 20% 8,3ml 8,5ml
200mg 1,5ml 1ml
Base PG 80%/VG 20% 7,5ml 8ml
300mg (medium) 2,3ml 1,5ml
Base PG 80%/VG 20% 6,8ml 7,5ml
400mg 3ml 2ml
Base PG 80%/VG 20% 6ml 7ml
500mg (strong) 3,8ml 2,5ml
Base PG 80%/VG 20% 5,2ml 6,5ml

 Made in France.