Vape Pen Pack noïd.lab CBD, Amnesia

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The noïd.lab Vape Pen Pack designed by Marie Jeanne® is a revolution that focuses on the essentials: a redesigned design and simplified use for an experience optimized vape. Inspired by the most famous variety of hemp with a seductive alliance between light sweet tones and tangy flavors.

Resulting from the hot and wet regions of Ecuador, this variety made up of 70 % of Sativa is an improvement of the hybrid plant Haze.

It gives off sweet scents from a mix of cardamom and limonene.

For beginners but for the most experts too! Small and discreet, the noïd.lab by Marie Jeanne is an ideal pod for beginners in the vape because it is very easy to use. This pod without adjustment allows you to vape directly after putting the e-liquid inside the cartridge, no button or adjustment necessary.

The pack contains:

  • 1 x Vape pen noïd.lab by Marie Jeanne which offers an ergonomics close to the cigarette. It also offers an indirect inhalation, that is, as soon as you inhale the smoke is created as for a conventional cigarette.
  • 1 x e-liquid Amnesia by Marie Jeanne® 10ml of 300mg the equivalent of 30mg/ml or 10ml of 600mg the equivalent of 60mg/ml
  • 1 x Battery in the vape pen noïd.lab.
  • 1 x Cartridge to fill with a tank of 0.55ml with a resistance of 1.5ohm specially designed for vaping CBD. It is replaced every 2 to 4 weeks. Indeed, the resistance wears by dint of uses and alters the flavors when it has been used too much.
  • 1 x USB cable for the recharge.
  • 1 x User manual.

Warranty 7 days from the date of receipt following the purchase on our website.


  • The batteries have a limited lifespan which depends mainly on the conditions of use (frequency of use, shocks, lack of maintenance, exposure to extreme temperatures, contact with water, etc.).
  • The cartridge containing the resistance of the vapepen is a consumable, it is recommended to change it regularly depending on your use. When the resistance no longer works (burnt taste or no longer produces steam) it is essential to change it.
  •  In case of defect noticed during the commercial warranty period, we invite you to contact us.

Product details:

  • PG (%) 80
  • VG (%) 20
  • Cannabidiol Type: CBD Crystals
  • Collection: Authentic
  • French Manufacture
  • THC Free
  • Length (MM) 100
  • Diameter (MM) 9

Made in France.