Vape Pen Penny Mango with CBD 6%

80,00 lei

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The Penny is a ready-to-use, disposable CBD vape pen designed by the famous Marie Jeanne®. No loading required, no CBD e-liquid refill, just vape.

Exotic mango flavor with a hint of blueberry embellished by a tinge of CBD  and this for 300 puffs ( the equivalent of 25 cigarettes )!

Its CBD content allows for an interesting hit in the mouth, amplified by our premium quality CBD.

Ultra thin, it has the size of a cigarette is 10cm long and 0.9cm in diameter, with a weight of less than 13g. Simple, no button, no filling to be expected, the Penny is for immediate use. The Penny is easy to use, it can quickly become your traveling companion that follows you everywhere, but it will also be at its place on your bedside table or your coffee table!

Softouch coating for a very pleasant touch that does not slip from the fingers.

To be kept in its waterproof case with its anti-drying cap.

Single use, after use, it must be disposed of in a recycling garbage can for batteries or at the point of sale.

  • CBD Penny Mango - Vapor Pen 300 puffs
  • Flavours: Mango and Blueberry
  • Concentration CBD 600: Equivalent of 600mg CBD / 10ml
  • Equivalent to 25 cigarettes
  • Without THC

Taste: Aromas of Mango and Blueberry

Made in France.